For many of us, welcoming in the New Year means goal setting in the form of resolutions. But how many of us actually follow through? According to a study, almost 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions but only about 8% stick to them.

In the US, a poll was conducted using the artificial intelligence platform Polly and information gathered from 274,779 Americans. What did they find? Funnily enough number one on the list was to actually abide by the resolutions!

Here is the list by Polly of the Top Ten 2020 New Years’s Resolutions:

  1. Actually doing my New Year’s resolution
  2. Trying something new
  3. Eat more of my favorite foods
  4. Lose weight/diet
  5. Go to the gym
  6. Be happier/better mental health
  7. Be more healthy
  8. Be a better person
  9. Upgrade my technology
  10. Staying motivated

What is your New Year’s goal / resolution? Let us know in a comment below.