In this article we review the Anko cordless stick vacuum cleaner. At the time of writing, the Anko cordless stick cleaner is available for purchase in Australia from Kmart for AU$99, follow this link to buy it.

What you get in the box:

  • Vacuum cleaner unit
  • Charging adapter
  • 2 section stick hose / extension tube
  • Motorized vacuum head
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Crevice tool
  • Instruction manual

Assembly is straight forward with a click in design, the 2 sections of the hose tubes lock in together and this can then be connected to the main vacuum unit. On the other end of the hose, you can connect the motorized head or the crevice tool. You can also omit one or more sections of the extension tubes if you want a shorter set-up.

The battery pack plugs into the main unit and according to the instruction manual, needs to be charged for 5 hours before use.

Construction quality

The unit is made almost entirely of high density plastic but still feels pretty sturdy. The different parts connect together well and do not feel loose or tacky. One area we feel could use improvement is the waste container. The trap door locking mechanism could have been made better with a spring latch rather than just a plastic locking tab. Also the foam seal inside the trap door lid could be improved with a higher density material. The motorized head feels solid and the roller brush appears to be made of aluminium.


Operating the Anko cordless stick vacuum cleaner is easy, the power button switches on the device, and the Max button switches to the higher power mode with more suction. 3 LEDs near the power button indicate how much battery is left during operation. The vacuum suction power is quite good for this price point. We are still testing the battery life of the unit and will update this section in due course. The user manual states the battery life to be 30-35 minutes for normal mode and 20-25 minutes on Max power. Emptying the dust compartment and cleaning the filters is easy.

Features and design

The motorized vacuum head has LED lights to help see dirt when vacuuming under or behind furniture. A rubber lining on the front and sides of the head protects walls and furniture from bumps and scrapes. The extension tubes allow you to extend or shorten the set-up to suit the situation. There is a holder for the crevice tool on one of the extension tubes so everything stays in one place ready when required. In addition, the adjustable carry handle makes it easy to reach under low furniture while remaining ergonomic. The Anko stick vacuum cleaner features a removable battery which is great. If the battery fails, you can call their customer service number (found in the manual) to order replacements. Another great feature is that there is no need for a mounting bracket. The unique storage design allows the vacuum to remain upright when not in use.

Overall Verdict

For AU$99, this is a great vacuum cleaner for light use around the home. For those with larger homes, you may want to purchase an additional battery pack that will last longer. The unique upright storage design is great and means that you do not have to drill holes in walls to install brackets. It comes with a 12 month warranty which is not bad.